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Grief & Loss


Allentown & Online

Valentine Croft


Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, I have gained extensive
experience working with a wide range of diagnoses and with clients from all walks of life. I have
counseled both individuals and couples, working in collaboration with a psychiatric physicians’ group. I
also have directed group therapy, counseled individuals, and intervened in crises, all as part of an
intensive partial hospitalization program.

Originally from Belgium, I came to the United States as an exchange student where I met my husband
and with whom I later started a family. I graduated from Cedar Crest College with a Bachelor of Arts in
Psychology and a minor in Health and Wellness. I graduated from Chestnut Hill College with a Master of
Science degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Trauma.

My approach comes without judgement or criticism as you have probably done this very well yourself. I
use an eclectic approach, drawing from techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic
behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and solution focused interventions.

I offer a safe environment and teach the skills and knowledge you need to explore and work effectively
on what is keeping you stuck. We will work together on how to live contently in the moment while
creating future goals. If you are dedicated to doing the hard work, I am dedicated to being there with
you and guiding you in using the tools you need.







(844) 696-4631

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