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Ariana Ansel



Children & Adolescents

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy




Ariana Ansel, BS Psychology is a graduate intern completing her master’s degree in Clinical
Mental Health Counseling. She expects to graduate from Lebanon Valley College in May of
2024 and work through the process of becoming an LPC. She is excited to gain experience in the
clinical realm. Under the supervision of Dr. Witmer, Ariana will be shadowing, then taking on
her own clients as determined by her clinical supervisors. She also has an interest in research. In
the future, Ariana hopes to specialize in play therapy, bibliotherapy, and trauma-informed care.
Her ideal population is children and adolescents, and she wants to work within the foster care

Outside of work, Ariana enjoys yoga, reading, writing, and various methods of crafting. She also
enjoys going on walks with her dogs and family, but often gets distracted collecting rocks and
taking photographs.

(844) 696-4631

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