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Julia Gartner


Hello, my name is Julia Gartner. I am a counselor here at Mind Matters. Along with trauma, I
have extensive experience in treating depression, anxiety, personality disorders and substance
abuse. With a deep understanding of how these conditions can impact a person’s life, I
approach each client with personalized and compassionate care. Through a combination of
evidence-based treatments and empowering strategies, I can help patients achieve holistic
wellness and long-term recovery. Through my life and career experiences I bring a unique
perspective and level of empathy to every session. With a commitment to ongoing learning and
growth, I strive to provide the best possible care in a culturally-sensitive manner for each client.

I completed my undergraduate in psychology in 1992 from Thiel College. For many years I
worked in various social services settings and raised my family. In 2019, I graduated from
Alvernia University, with a master’s degree in Clinical Counseling. Currently my certifications
include being a trauma specialist as well as trained in EMDR from the EMDR Institute in
Watsonville, CA. I have worked with both children and adults, but I am currently only working
with adults over the age of 18. Current interests are continuing to expand on treating PTSD,
Complex-trauma and dissociative disorders with the use of EMDR and DBT. Outside of work, I
enjoy exercising, cooking, reading and spending time with my family, friends and my dogs.








(844) 696-4631

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