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Mary Beth Hadley


My name is Mary Beth Hadley and I’ve been working in mental health/social services for a long time! Past experience includes work in psychiatric hospitals, foster care and adoption, individual and family therapy, grief, loss, depression, anxiety and trauma and most recently, as counseling in a public school. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I realize that a relaxed, safe environment is of utmost importance. This involves tuning into and identifying feelings and strengths for a successful outcome in therapy that involves collaboration. It's a privilege to walk alongside people of all ages!

I am certified by the Child Trauma Academy in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, Bruce Perry’s trauma model, that considers the effect of early childhood experiences and relational health on current functioning. This helps inform therapy goals and approaches and takes into consideration attachment as well as thoughts, feelings and behavioral needs. My passion is working with children, couples, adults and families to identify their needs and possible supports. Additionally, having experienced long term mental illness in my family, I hope to support individuals and families through their difficult journeys in creative and insightful ways.


CBT/Trauma Informed Care
Grief and Loss
Foster Care and Adoption




(844) 696-4631

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